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About Me

Welcome to my photography site dedicated to birds. For more of my work, please visit .

I've been passionate about photography and birds since my teenage years.  While not a traditional birder with binoculars, I've enjoyed viewing, watching and photographing birds for many years. Now, a touch older, I'm enjoying the quiet and solitude of spending more time photographing birds - primarily around Tucson.

Family life and work limit my time and travel opportunities, but the parks and natural environs around Tucson provide an abundance of species that are easily accessible.

Enjoy the photographs, send me corrections on ID's and I would love it if you know of some good birding hotspots in and around Tucson to point me to, or rare bird sitings. Come back often as my goal is to frequently update the site.

Prints are available for sale in a variety of sizes (large sizes for walls, or small sizes printed as notecards. Just let me know what you are interested in!

Thanks for visiting,